My Telescopes


skywatcher explorer 150 capricorn 70 Telescope Details:
-Skywatcher Explorer 150mm
-Skywatcher Capricorn 70mm

The 70mm Refractor is piggy-backed on the 150mm Newtonian reflector for use as a guidescope when using the reflector to take pictures.

A view from above of the tube assembly.
A view down the tube of the reflector, showing the primary mirror at the end, and the secondary mirror in the foreground supported by 'spider vanes'.
Looking down the refractor, you can see the main lens, and the dew shield that surrounds it.
To couple the two telescopes together, I simply screwed the camera mount screws of each tube ring together.
Side view of the EQ3-2 mount, showing the latitude settings.
Another shot showing the R.A. Scale, and the polar scope at the bottom.
The Dec. drive motor, and Dec. Scale
Looking down from above through the polar scope, with the R.A. drive motor on the left.
Looking up through the polar scope, the crosshairs will centre on the north celestial pole, when the pole star Polaris is in the small circle, and the R.A. setting circles are aligned to the current time and date.
The red dot finder mounted on the refractor. The diagonal mirror and eyepiece can be seen at the focusing end of the refractor tube.
Looking through the red dot finder. It has no magnification like the finder scope on the reflector, but projects a red dot in the centre of the blue-tinted view.